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Larry Crites

Larry Crites

Professional Bio

Larry Crites is an active real estate broker in Seattle since 1986 and a rental property owner since 1987 Larry has a long view of the changes that have happened in our region over time, and the radical recent changes that are currently shaping the Seattle housing market. From our current apartment building boom to the avalanche of new rental regulation in Seattle, things are changing faster for small investors than ever before, so he sees this a critical time to be involved.

Larry initially invested in single family houses and duplexes in the 1980’s and 1990’s and then moved up to small apartment buildings over the last 10 years. Larry has always been an owner operator, so has personal experience with rental issues across the spectrum of investment types that most RHAWA members own.

Larry has been active in the community in many ways, from coaching youth soccer to various board memberships, including local school PTA and a medical relief nonprofit. He enjoys many outdoor activities including soccer, hiking, skiing, sailing and volleyball.

As an RHAWA member since 2001, concern for the direction of regulation in Seattle has motivated Larry to become more active in the organization. He has served on the RHAWA PAC committee and the Legislative committee. He is chairman of the Legislative committee and serves as Secretary on RHAWA’s Executive committee.
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