The RHAWA office is closed to in-person services until further notice. All classes, meetings, and events are now held online. View calendar.

Member Benefits

We work with experts from all aspects of the rental housing industry to provide you with the most up-to-date information and the best resources available. Everything you need to successfully run your real estate investment business can be found with RHAWA.

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"I greatly appreciate RHAWA. The association has been an excellent tool providing great education, great support, and a huge comfort to me as a rental and multi-family property owner. I could NOT have managed my rentals nearly as efficiently or effectively (or legally!) without the help of the association, volunteers, and staff. Thank you to all!"
- Kim D.

Regular Owner Membership

Independent landlord or company who owns rental property. Dues are based on the number of rental units owned.

Annual rate

  • 1 - 25 units: $225
  • 26 - 200 units: $425
  • 201+ units: $725

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Dual Membership

Receive both regular and vendor member benefits. Companies and or individuals who both own and manage rental property and wish to market or sell their products or services. Dues are based on your company’s Annual Gross Income (AGI) and the number of units you own or manage.

Annual rate

  • Own less than 100 units and company’s AGI is less than $200,000: $450
  • Own less than 100 units and company’s AGI is more than $200,001: $550
  • Own more than 101 units and company’s AGI is less than $200,000: $650
  • Own more than 101 units and company’s AGI is more than $200,001: $750

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We Are Here For You

We provide exclusive access to a wealth of resources when you need them.

We Inform You

We’re here to make sure you have access to the best information in order to have the correct response to any situation.

  • Education seminars ONSITE, ONLINE, and ONDEMAND that cover topics including rental housing laws, financial planning, taxes, property management, maintenance, business optimization, and portfolio growth
  • Events including the Legal Forum, Economic Summit, and Spring Workshop + Tradeshow give you direct access to industry experts
  • Resource specialists available via phone and email to answer questions specific to your situation provided exclusively to RHAWA members
We Advocate For You

As an independent rental owner it can be overwhelming trying to do it all on your own. RHAWA has your back!

  • Our Political Action Committee and Legal Defense Fund work hard to protect the interests of landlords across the state
  • We solicit feedback from you in order to constantly improve the association to meet all our members' needs
  • RHAWA advocates on behalf of landlords politically and works to improve the public perception of rental housing providers statewide


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