Residential Other Lease Signing Addenda

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FORM NAME Location Reviewed1 Revised2
Assistance Animal Addendum
Bed Bug Addendum
Community & Home Owner Association Addendum
Crime Free Addendum
Deposit Payment Schedule (Extended) 4/18/23
Deposit Payment Schedule (WA State) WA State 4/18/23
Guarantor Addendum (Co-Signer)
Heating Fuel Addendum
Military Clause Addendum
Mold Addendum
Pet Addendum & Additional Fee / Security Deposit Receipt
Pet Addendum (Seattle) Seattle
Resident's Designee Notice
Resident Electric Service Application (Seattle) Seattle
Resident Utility Billing Notice (Seattle)   Seattle
Roommate Addendum
Satellite Dish Addendum
Septic Tank Addendum
Smoke Free Addendum


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  1. Attorney reviewed
  2. Changes made