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The Pipe Guys

The Pipe Guys

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Get a bid from these guys before repairing any underground pipe. They use new technologies to save you big money on drain and water line repairs. Their systems eliminate traditional excavation, with its property destruction and liability issues. These guys are fast-they can permanently repair a pipe in as little as 8 hours, without a trench! They offer multiple technology choices to repair long or short sections of pipe remotely, saving expensive landscapes and pavement. They use the latest camera and locating systems to find and diagnose buried pipe problems accurately, so you don't waste time and money. They even have robotic cameras and tools to repair the inside of pipes so they don't have to be exposed. They also have the ability to find buried plastic pipes and hidden leaks.
Kathy Carsen
Dan Grossruck
John Pettit Marketing Lead
Linda Grossruck
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