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The Rental Housing Association Coalition (RHAC) is a partnership of trade associations representing independent housing providers and industry leaders. Complete this simple application below.


Once you've Signed up for RHAC, You can Engage in our Grassroots effort by:

Automatic Registration in Legislative Session Events
  • Briefing Room - Staff and lobbyists will be available to consult with you in the Virtual Briefing Room throughout the session. They can assist you with signing up for your remote committee testimony and help you prepare your speaking points prior to your appointment.
  • Weekly Online Meet-Up - Hop into our Monday morning meet-up to learn what the most pressing bills are for the week. You will receive an event reminder with join link prior to each meet-up.
  • Session Recap - This event will discuss the 2023 Legislative Session from start to finish. We will be going over our hardest fights, biggest wins, and key takeaways. Don't miss this opportunity to peek behind the curtain and figure out not just what happened, but why it happened. Learn what messaging is effective and how we can bolster our grassroots advocacy efforts. We will also be talking about what comes next, and how to prepare for the upcoming elections.
Receiving the RHAC’s Emails
Watch your inbox for hearing announcements, upcoming events, and Calls to Action! Content from this coalition is developed and approved by our RHAC leadership advocacy team. All Calls to Action and advocacy updates will include a way to submit written testimony, or a link that will grant you easy access to the sign-up process.
Visiting the Advocacy Center for Additional Calls to Action
Content from this coalition is developed and approved by your government affairs team.
And More!
Read summaries of 2023 legislative session bills, advocacy guides, and tutorials. You may also reference 2022 legislative session bills and 2021 legislative session bill summaries here.

QUESTIONS? Please reach out to your government affairs team.

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