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Participating in the 2021 Legislative Session Virtual Grassroots Briefing Room

As part of the Rental Housing Coalition, you will automatically be registered for the 2021 Legislative Session Grassroots Briefing Room. Government Affairs staff and lobbyists will be available to consult with you in the Virtual Briefing Room throughout the 2021 session. They can assist you with signing up for your remote committee testimony and help you prepare your speaking points prior to your appointment. Additionally, our 2021 Legislative Session Grassroots Briefing Room will host a weekly meet-up with Government Affairs staff. Briefing room special event hours will be posted here as they are scheduled through the end of April. Once registered, you will receive an email with room link and additional information that will help you support housing provider advocacy efforts and involvement throughout the legislative session.

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Watch your inbox for hearing announcements, upcoming events, and Calls to Action! Content from this coalition is developed and approved by our advocacy team. All Calls to Action and advocacy updates will include a way to submit written testimony, or a link that will grant you easy access to the sign-up process.

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Content from this coalition is developed and approved by your government affairs team.

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