The Rental Housing Association of Washington represents over 5,000 independent rental owners, managers, investors, and vendor members across the State of Washington. We support the rental housing industry through advocacy, a high standard of ethics, education, research, products, and services. RHAWA strongly advocates that rental housing is a valuable asset to communities and provides grassroots mobilization for the purpose of advocating at the state and local level. RHAWA provides its members top-of-the-line education, forms, and resources to help protect their rental business.
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provides resources and advocacy to small to mid-size landlords across Washington. Our goal is to support members and the community in building a healthy housing economy for all.

Public Policy Principles & Agenda

Respect for property rights is the foundation of a free society and economic prosperity. RHAWA believes government regulations should not unduly or unfairly restrict the rights of property owners to control the use of their property. RHAWA believes housing regulations should recognize and preserve the privacy and property rights of both tenants and housing providers.

Housing regulations should be fair and should minimize compliance burdens and costs. RHAWA believes housing regulations should not place discriminatory burdens on rental housing relative to other forms of housing.

RHAWA opposes regulatory fees on rental housing that seek to transfer the cost of general public services, including police and fire protection, to rental property owners and tenants. Regulatory fees and user fees must fairly apportion regulatory and service costs based on the services actually provided to individual fee payers. Government should not use regulatory fees and user fees to fund general public services that are available to fee payers and non-fee payers alike.

RHAWA believes in protecting the general health safety and welfare of all tenants, and works to eliminate substandard rental units by supporting existing state law and local housing, fire and health codes. Existing laws and codes are sufficient to remedy egregious, unsafe conditions, but only if they are enforced by local jurisdictions.
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What We do

RHAWA is the partner that independent rental owners and managers and manufactured housing community owners rely on for resources, legal forms, education, and industry knowledge to help run their rental investments.


Aggressively advocates to ensure the relationship between housing providers and residents is equitable, we defend property rights, and encourage safe housing practices and policies. 

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Leases & Forms

Unlimited access to an extensive library of online leases + forms which are tailored specifically to state and city laws unique to Washington.

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Events & Education

RHAWA hosts in-person events as well as monthly meetups. We also have an extensive educational platform, with 100+ classes, which are available ONLINE or ONDEMAND.

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Support & Forum

Our Support Center provides has 90+ articles, written by industry experts. The member forum taps into the collective knowledge of our membership.

Tenant Screening

Our credit reports provide you with the crucial information you need to make your decision in an easy-to-read comprehensive online report.

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RHAWA serves independent rental property owners and managers with industry-leading benefits, including leases + forms, a support center featuring best practice articles, educational courses + events, tenant screening, advocacy, and more. Find detailed information about benefits and rates here. If you are ready to join, please do so below. If you have questions, please contact our membership team today.


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Professionals Affiliations

The Rental Housing Association of Washington is proud to have partnered with the below organizations to either help facilitate housing stability for Washington residents or for RHAWA team member development.