Meet the Team


Sean Flynn

Executive Director
& Board President

(206) 905-0615

Melissa Canfield

Deputy Director

(206) 905-0615

Government Affairs

Tim Hatley

Policy & Communications

(206) 905-0601

Corey Hjalseth, Jr.

External Affairs

(206) 905-0603

Daniel Bannon

Grassroots Organizer

(206) 905-0609

Daniel Klemme

Membership Development & Government Affairs 

(206) 905-0611

Marketing & Business Development

Sisi Mereness

Creative Director

(206) 905-0605

Ivan Kallevig

Business Development

(206) 905-0600

Luke Brown

Business Development

(206) 905-0610

Member Services

Denise Myers

Education & Resources 

(206) 905-0614

Chloe Moser

Events Coordinator


Geoff Schertz

Accounting Admin.

(206) 905-0606

Val Kushi

Screening Specialist

(206) 283-0816

Sue Lewis

Support Center Specialist


Members-Only Support Center

Our support center is a library of articles about member services, fair housing laws, landlord-tenant laws, and best practices for operating rental housing in specific jurisdictions or in Washington State. 

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Article content is frequently reviewed and updated by industry experts including RHAWA staff, attorneys, and property management professionals. RHAWA does not offer formal legal advice, nor have an attorney on staff. ‚ÄčThe content provided in the Support Center, although obtained from reliable sources, is not considered legal advice or to be used as a substitution for legal counsel.


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