Government Affairs + Advocacy Efforts

Working at Every Level

Our lobby team exists to advocate and protect the rights of housing providers in Washington at all levels of government, local, county and statewide. Our proactive efforts ensure that your rights as a housing provider are defended from increasing government regulation.

  • Political Action Committee (PAC) exists to elect responsible candidates who will work collaboratively with RHAWA and the rental industry when issues arise. Learn more >
  • Grassroots - RHAWA is made stronger by the involvement of its members. We're always looking for members to respond to show your support by attending mobilizations, emailing elected officials, and sharing your story.
  • Policymaker Resource - We establish relationships with policymakers to ensure that we have a seat at the table, and work collaboratively towards common-sense solutions for our region’s rental housing needs and for rental property owners. RHAWA has cultivated relationships with legislators and political leaders and these established connections allow policymakers to seek our trusted advice and foster fair legislative solutions to industry problems without placing undue burden upon housing providers.

Taking Action

RHAWA's team monitors state and federal court decisions that affect landlord-tenant law, rent control, and landlord liability in Washington.

RHAWA's Legislative Committee and Legal Defense Fund (LDF) reviews legislative policy proposals and proactively advances RHAWA's mission and legal objectives by providing legal resources and/or financial support to legal issues, primarily through filing or funding of amicus briefs that will have a statewide impact on members’ business success.

Any member of RHAWA that has an issue appropriate for consideration can apply for our Legal Defense Fund. Once you join RHAWA, you can too.

Get Involved

Advocacy Center

Get live updates about proposed rental housing policy and join the grassroots effort.

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Join a Committee

Take an active role in candidate fundraising, legislative policy, and legal defense.

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Ensure your property rights are defended and your voice is maintained at every level.

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