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Public Policy Principles & Agenda

Respect for property rights is the foundation of a free society and economic prosperity. RHAWA believes government regulations should not unduly or unfairly restrict the rights of property owners to control the use of their property. RHAWA believes housing regulations should recognize and preserve the privacy and property rights of both tenants and housing providers.

Housing regulations should be fair and should minimize compliance burdens and costs. RHAWA believes housing regulations should not place discriminatory burdens on rental housing relative to other forms of housing.

RHAWA opposes regulatory fees on rental housing that seek to transfer the cost of general public services, including police and fire protection, to rental property owners and tenants. Regulatory fees and user fees must fairly apportion regulatory and service costs based on the services actually provided to individual fee payers. Government should not use regulatory fees and user fees to fund general public services that are available to fee payers and non-fee payers alike.

RHAWA believes in protecting the general health safety and welfare of all tenants, and works to eliminate substandard rental units by supporting existing state law and local housing, fire and health codes. Existing laws and codes are sufficient to remedy egregious, unsafe conditions, but only if they are enforced by local jurisdictions.
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Take Action Against Onerous Regulation

Achieving these goals is only possible with the consistent and passionate involvement of our members. Get involved at the local and state level with RHAWA’s Government Affairs team to help defend the rights of housing providers.  

Local Policy Center

Visit our local policy center to view active policy initiatives. Campaigns found on this page allow you to e-mail council and committee members. 

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State Advocacy Center

Visit our state advocacy center for active legislative bill campaigns. These campaigns allow you to e-mail lawmakers in just a few clicks.

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We're always looking for members to show your support by attending mobilizations, emailing elected officials, and sharing your story.

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Policymaker Resource

RHAWA cultivates relationships with state and local lawmakers. These connections allow policymakers to seek our trusted advice to foster fair solutions to industry problems without placing undue burden upon housing providers. Research and policy resources can be found here.

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Take an active role in candidate fundraising, legislative policy, and legal defense by joining a committee.

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Ensure your property rights are defended and your voice is maintained at every level. Donate to our Political Action Committee or Legal Defense Fund today.


Ensure your property rights are defended and your voice is maintained at every level

Donate to our Political Action Committee or Legal Defense Fund.



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