Political Action Committee (PAC)


Housing providers have been targeted for blame as politicians failure to address our region’s affordable housing needs. From efforts to restrict your rights and access to information when screening tenants, to mandatory rental housing inspections, and attempts to implement rent control, your rights as a landlord in Washington State are under attack.

Our Political Action Committee exists to help elect responsible candidates who will work collaboratively with RHAWA and the rental industry when issues arise. Without pro-rental housing candidates in office, your rights as a landlord will be threatened with endless regulation.


  • Current RHAWA member
  • He or she shall have made a contribution to RHAWA’s PAC within the past calendar of at least $250.
    PAC contributions support the political campaigns of RHAWA-endorsed candidates. The RHAWA PAC is non-partisan and supports both sides of the aisle. Membership dues do not fund the PAC - all contributions are voluntary. 
  • He or she, if a US citizen, shall be a registered US voter.
  • He or she shall not endorse any candidate, other than an officially endorsed candidate of RHAWA, in any race in which RHAWA has made an endorsement unless he or she makes it clear that each endorsement is in his or her capacity as a private individual and not as an RHAWA member.
  • Interviewers shall disclose involvement in a campaign to the interview team prior to the candidate interview. “Active involvement” shall include personal campaign contributions or personal campaign assistance.

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