Are You The Next RHAWA Board Member? (2022)

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Now is your chance to help drive the direction and future of RHAWA. If you're the person people come to when they have tough problems to solve, and you don’t shy away from the hard questions; you embrace them, then RHAWA needs your expertise, guidance, and grit.

Board of Directors 101

Most members don’t have a clue as to what commitment is required of RHAWA's Board of Directors. Here's what RHAWA requires:

  1. Board members serve two-year terms, and can be re-elected to a maximum of four consecutive terms. (The Board can vary in size between 11 and 18 members, with approximately one-third of the Board is elected every year.)
  2. The Board meets six times a year for up to two hours.
  3. The Board of Directors are asked to attend as many of the RHAWA events as possible. The financial commitment is around $250, plus any additional contributions to the RHAWA Political Action Committee.

Staff and fellow board members' are here to help newbies understand the policy setting activities and make the Board members’ job fun and challenging.

Why do we need people like you?

We are looking for applicants who demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Proven Performance: Leadership requires knowledge, talent, skill, vitality, and the ability to make a difference. In an association, that translates into a solid track record of contributing to the success of programs, events, or projects.

  • Commitment: Serving as an association leader is both an honor and a reward, but it requires a demonstrated commitment to the association and its mission and goals.

  • Time to Serve: Participating fully in activities requires extra time to prepare for travel and attend meetings.

  • Understanding of Teamwork: Many people contribute their efforts toward the an association’s goals and objectives – no one does it alone. Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills are essential to effective teamwork.

  • Sound Judgment + Integrity: In many instances, popularity brings potential leaders into the limelight of an association. But popularity must be tempered with good judgment and integrity. Decisions may need to be made that are not popular with the members.

  • Communication + “Teaching” Skills: By virtue of their position, current leaders serve as mentors and teachers to future leaders. Enthusiasm, a zest for serving the association, is an important ingredient that leaders must be able to pass along to their successors.

  • Ability to Subordinate Special Interests: Leaders often emerge because of their special expertise or effective representation of a specific constituency. Leadership, however, may require subordinating those interests for the greater good of the association.

Furthermore, our bylaws state applicants must have the below qualifications to be considered:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Be a member in good standing for at least one year and designated voting member representative;
  • Reside and own rental housing in WA State; and
  • Be willing to and/or is/has served on a RHAWA committee OR actively participated in RHAWA activities for at least 6 months.

Selection Process

Nominations can be made by any member in good standing. Self-nominations are encouraged. If the person completing the form is not the individual to be considered by the Nominating Committee, please include a brief statement as to why you believe this person should be considered.

how to apply: