Don’t Miss Out on RHA PAC Fundraisers!

Posted By: Daniel Bannon Membership,

Rental Housing Association (RHA) Political Action Committee (PAC) just hosted our first fundraiser of the year! In case you missed it, the South Sound RHA PAC fundraiser took place on May 1 at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club. This fundraiser will help us continue our ongoing efforts in Tacoma as well as bolster our PAC fund for the upcoming election cycle where we can produce some positive changes at the local and state level. Attendees enjoyed food and beverages as they mingled with fellow housing providers in their area and had the opportunity to hear from key players in the rental housing legislation in Tacoma. As you may already know, supporting the campaigns of moderate lawmakers who understand the issues of small housing providers is the first line of defense in the fight against poor housing policy. The value of RHA PAC fundraisers is often overlooked by the majority of our membership, so let us take some time to refresh our understanding of the benefits of RHA PAC fundraisers. 

Firstly, attending RHA PAC fundraisers serve as a means of active participation in the political process. In democratic societies, citizens have the right and responsibility to engage with their representatives and contribute to the political landscape. Fundraisers offer a platform for individuals to express their support for candidates or causes they believe in, both financially and ideologically. By attending these events, individuals signal their commitment to the political process, demonstrating that they are invested in the future direction of their community, region, or country. All the candidates RHA PAC supports will understand the issues of small housing providers, but you never know which candidates you may connect with on a personal level. This connection can lead to new opportunities for our members and is a pathway to become deeply involved in our legislative process. 

Furthermore, RHA PAC fundraisers foster networking and relationship-building among stakeholders. In the realm of politics, alliances, and connections are paramount. Fundraisers bring together politicians, donors, activists, and community leaders, creating a conducive environment for dialogue and collaboration. These interactions not only strengthen existing bonds but also forge new partnerships that can influence policy-making and governance. Building a robust network can enhance a candidate's viability, broaden their support base, and facilitate access to resources essential for their campaign. RHAWA is experienced at creating these broad alliances throughout multiple industries and you can be a part of this process as well at a more personal level. Meeting those who share your passion for helping rental housing provides can help motivate you to continue your involvement as well as provide you with alternative perspectives on how to get involved and what methods of advocacy are most effective.

Additionally, attending RHA PAC fundraisers provides a platform for members to share their experiences and perspectives with lawmakers directly. There is nothing more important than communicating the perspectives of small housing providers to prospective or current lawmakers. While sending messages and providing testimony during legislative session is also incredibly important, the groundwork that we can provide before an individual is elected to office is often even more impactful. Lawmakers will remember that you took the time to attend a fundraiser and made a personal connection with them. In crucial moments when lawmakers must make a decision regarding rental housing policy, they will be able to utilize the experiences you have shared and explain the real-world impact of certain policies to their peers. 

Lastly, the financial support that we can provide to key lawmakers can create significant changes in the makeup of any given legislative body. Just last year we saw the makeup of the Seattle City Council shift closer to the middle than it has been in the last decade. This shift is already proving to be an improvement in Seattle where the new council is working to maintain a more productive decorum and improve the relationship between the public and the council. Seattle still has a long way to go, but many housing providers in the city are feeling relief for the first time in a long time. We have the opportunity this year to make similar changes at the state level. Our opposition is powerful and well organized, we must match their efforts if we want to continue our success in the 2025 Legislative Session.

Stay in tune with RHA PAC messages in your email to know about the next fundraiser we will host. Fundraisers are easily one of the most important events to our advocacy efforts and we look forward to seeing you at the next one!