HB 1904 Allowing Tenants to Break Lease After Rent Increase

Posted By: Alex Robertson (deleted) 2022 Legislative Session,
Bill Summary
  • Requires housing providers to give between 180 and 220 days notice for all rent increases over 3%
  • The bill specifies the increase notice applies to "base rent" and does not apply to utility costs.
  • Requires housing providers to inform the tenant when they receive the notice of rent increase that they may terminate the tenancy at any time and cannot be held liable for rent after vacating.
  • Removes the 20 days notice requirement for a tenant to terminate a tenancy if a rent increase notice of greater than 3% is given.
  • Allows a tenant who pays the increased rent after not receiving the proper notice to sue the housing provider for the excess rent, damages, and attorney's fees
  • Caps late fees at 1.5% of the monthly rent.

Bill Schedule
  • Hearing in the House Housing, Human Services and Veterans Committee on January 18th at 8:00 am


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