King County Councilmembers Slander Small Landlords


Cheap leadership by Councilmembers Kohl-Welles, Zahilay, and McDermott. 

Today during a King County council meeting on Ordinance 2021-0131, CM Zahilay interrupted the council meeting to announce that RHAWA is lying (spreading misinformation) to their members and that his bill doesn’t ban credit reports. 

Section 16 A. “A landlord shall not request a social security number for the purpose of screening a prospective tenant through a background check, credit check or other report."

We now ask CM Kohl-Welles, CM Zahilay and CM McDermott to explain how you get a credit report without a social security number. 

Instead of making blanket accusations that RHAWA is “spreading so much misinformation” as you call it. Have a robust conversation about the policy and the impact. Rushing to pass a two year old bill that is out-dated only to appear more progressive than your challenger is cheap leadership. Anyone can pass a bad bill. Can you pass a good bill that is meaningful and represents all of the voices in your community?