Passage of House Bill 2114

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Olympia, WA – On the last day and the last minute of the midway point for the 2024 Washington State Legislative session the Speaker of the House reconvened the House and placed HB 2114 – Rent Control – for final consideration.  

House Bill (HB) 2114 – often referred to as the Rent Control Bill – would impose a 7% rent increase cap, dramatically limit late fees, and restrict up front deposits that are typically used to help ensure tenants maintain their rental units in proper condition. 

“HB 2114 will have a devastating impact on rental housing in Washington State”, said Sean Flynn, Executive Director and Board President of the Rental Housing Association of Washington. “Small mom-and-pop, single-family, and small multi-family housing providers and their tenants will be the ones most negatively impacted by this bill.”  

House Republicans stood firm in their opposition to the measure and delivered many strong and impassioned remarks hoping to persuade colleagues of the folly of rent control including supply and affordability.  

“When that rental housing supply diminishes, I wonder what is going to happen to those renters who depend on housing supply?” said Representative Spencer Hutchins while speaking on the House Floor, “What will happen to the prices of the remaining rental properties?”  

A recent study by the Washington State Department of Commerce said Washington state will need more than 1 million homes in the next 20 years, and more than half of them need to be affordable for residents at the lowest income levels. 

House Democrats also stood firm – and with their 58 to 40 majority they were able to pass HB 2114 by a 54-43 vote. Democratic Representatives Leavitt, Bronoske, Chapman, and Walen also joined Republicans with a No vote.  

HB 2114 will be referred to an appropriate Senate committee and the next cutoff date for the bill to move forward in the Senate, is Wednesday, February 21st.  

RHAWA representatives are available for comment or clarification on any rental housing related issues. 

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