Port Townsend Rushes Through Rent Increase Notice Regulation

Posted By: Alex Robertson (deleted) Policy News,

On Monday, October 3, 2022, Port Townsend City Council had the first reading of Ordinance 3296, requiring increase notice periods for rent increases. Typically for city councils, an ordinance gets introduced on first reading and comes back before the council at a later date for passage. In this case however, the Port Townsend City Council waived council rules to pass this ordinance on first reading. Not only was this unnecessary regulation rushed through the process and passed, the City Council seems to want to pass more regulations in the future. In a statement by the mayor, echoed by the Council, "Wish we could do more. We should be doing more faster."

The ordinance goes into effect five days after publishing, which means that all rent increases from this point onward should follow these notice requirements.

Extended Rent Increase Periods

When raising rent at the beginning of a rental period or term lease renewal, landlords must give:

  • 180 days' written notice for rent increases greater than ten percent (10%); or
  • 120 days' written notice for rent increases greater than three percent (3%); or
  • As required under WA State law, 60 days' written notice for any rent increases 3% or less.