RHAWA Default Notices Now Restricted

Posted By: Christopher T Benis Law, Management,

RHAWA has historically offered within its suite of forms, “default notices” (those notices which are the first step before commencing an unlawful detainer action). Unlawful Detainer actions have recently become substantially more complex, and practices vary greatly between jurisdictions.


This complexity and local variation make our offering of statewide forms no longer beneficial to the membership. As such, until further notice RHAWA will no longer be offering default notices. If you need to issue a default notice, RHAWA recommends that you work with an attorney familiar with the local rules and procedures in your jurisdiction. If at some future date RHAWA’s legal review team becomes confident in the use of standardized default notices, RHAWA will resume offering these forms. We believe that at the present time you are best served by starting an unlawful detainer on the right foundation, and in consultation with an experienced local attorney.


Note: To view a list of member attorneys who currently practice eviction law, go to rhawa.org/vendor-directory and select “Evictions” from the Filter list.

Chris Benis | RHAWA Legal Council