RHAWA Launches New + Improved RMAP

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We are starting the year off with some exciting news! You can use the new RMAP with confidence knowing that you will continue to meet the FCRA and e-signature compliance requirements. The new platform comes pre-loaded with all the mandatory disclosures needed for Washington State and Seattle specific. You will be able to set specific jurisdiction questions to ensure each applicant receives the correct disclosures for their situation.

We want your screening experience to be as unique as your property

Well that cannot happen unless we incorporate your screening criteria in the process. This new system will allow you to load and set your criteria for your applicants right online. This will ensure each applicant will see and acknowledge receipt of your criteria. This process will be done per property, so if you have different criteria you can load each individually.

For the members with multiple properties, no problem, the new RMAP has the capability to setup separate rules for each property. The platform will make it easy to keep track of the status for each property. As well giving access to your property managers without limiting the features they have access to. You can track and assign each agent to the property or unit they are over seeing allowing you to follow the process and help troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Do you remember the days when you had to make sure each and all applicants in one group had to receive a separate online application invite? Now with the new RMAP it will take one link sent to the primary applicant and they can then send an invite to each co-applicant to complete their own application. They can also invite a Guarantor to apply when applicable. This process will save you time from having to track down contact information for your applicant’s roommates and guarantor, everything will be in your applicant’s hands.

You’ll receive notifications to ensure that everyone is kept up to date on the application process

The notifications will give you the ability to track your applicants from the start of the application to the lease signing. Do you require paystubs and photo ID? Your applicants can now upload any required documents during the application process. Your applicants can also stop their application and gather information returning to complete the process later without starting over.

The new system houses RHAWA leasing forms

When you reach the lease signing portion of the process you will be able to choose the appropriate lease for your situation. Once you choose your lease the system will generate every mandatory form to accompany your lease. No more wondering if you have everything you need the system will ensure you do once you chose your lease.

What if you do not use RHAWA forms?

We have you covered as well. The new system allows you to load your own leases and forms to the system when using this system only individuals on your account will have access to your personal forms. The system allows the entire process to be personalized.

You will no longer need to contact a third party for help, RHAWA will be here to help and guide you as always

One of the best features is that RHAWA staff will be able to log in and see exactly what you see as the member. This will allow us the opportunity to give you the best customer service we can. No more guess work at the initial setup for the new RMAP instead you will find a more user-friendly platform, plus user help guides, and tutorial videos to guide you through. Additionally, RHAWA is a part of the development team helping to guide the implementation of the rent pay and management portion coming soon to the system.

We look forward to working with you on setting up your new RMAP if you have any questions please let the screening department know.

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