RHAWA Political Action Committee Poised to Continue the Fight For Housing Opportunities

Posted By: Kyle Woodring (deleted) Advocacy,

The political climate for protecting housing providers has never been more daunting. Almost every sector of normal life has been disrupted by economic, public health, financial, and social justice crises. Members of RHAWA have long been targets of broad and unfair policies alongside rhetoric demonizing private citizens rather than offering government solutions to Washington’s housing crisis. While policy makers are drafting emergency regulations today, the heavy lifting of reconstructing Washington’s economy will begin in earnest in 2021. Newly elected officials will determine the future of our state with more influence than ever before.

The RHAWA Political Action Committee (PAC) has long been dedicated to finding and supporting moderate lawmakers who use data and expertise from all stakeholders to find solutions to Washington’s difficult problems. RHAWA leverages PAC funds to oppose candidates taking the easy way out through villainization and to further their personal agenda of ‘movement’ politics.

2020 was a very successful legislative session for the private rental housing industry. RHAWA and its partners were able to defeat several bad pieces of legislation, including:
  • Mandatory Lease Renewal
  • Statewide Just Cause for Termination of a Tenancy
  • Rent Control
  • Security Deposit Return Restrictions

These bills, and several other proposed policies, would have further crippled our members’ ability to provide housing opportunities when they’re needed most, and were stopped thanks to our exhaustive advocacy efforts. Even with legislative majorities, successfully stopping dangerous policies such as these during such a negative political climate requires a myriad of tools, including polling data, public relations, organization, advocacy efforts, and independent campaigns.

RHAWA PAC dollars have already funded the primary campaigns of over 25 critical candidates who will work to return in the state legislature. It will be a more serious and sober body, focused on partnership, true data analysis, and solutions rather than soundbites that shame and blame those in our community that are working to provide housing and services where state government has failed.

The challenges before us have never been greater; our government affairs team cannot do it alone.

RHAWA must leverage its membership organization and political advocacy with renewed vigor to match the significant challenge that 2020 has brought to our region.

As a membership driven organization, RHAWA needs individual engagement more than ever. Please consider joining our advocacy efforts and donate to the PAC today.