RHAWA’s Legal Defense Fund (LDF) Needs Your Help to Defend Your Property Rights!

Posted By: Christopher T Benis Advocacy, Fundraising,

With the constant onslaught of new rental housing regulations, the most common question I get asked is, “isn’t this unconstitutional?” The Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHAWA) Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is the only meaningful way for small property owners and managers to get that question answered.

Over the course of 2022, RHAWA LDF has defended your interests again and again as more local governments enact laws which continue to impede our efforts to provide rental housing that is economically viable and balances interests of owners and residents. Increasing regulation and burdens placed upon all of us forces RHAWA to respond by turning to the courts to overturn laws which harm rental housing owners and residents due to “knee jerk” policies which ignore unintended consequences.

Your continued financial support of RHAWA LDF is critical to ensuring we can continue pursuing existing litigation while expanding our legal strategies to protect your property rights against future issues.

From our ongoing legal battle over Just Cause and our huge success in the Winter and Post-COVID Eviction Bans, RHAWA LDF is fighting tooth and nail for your rights as a housing provider. Unquestionably, similar battles lie ahead as local governments continue to ignore our legitimate concerns and the steady loss of rental housing.

RHAWA has been a longstanding partner in keeping people housed and still we find our industry hit repeatedly with new laws which make it more challenging to provide safe and affordable rental housing.

RHAWA LDF is entirely supported by your generosity, and your donations are essential to support our ability to defend your property rights. RHAWA LDF is solely funded by member contributions which serve as the last line of defense to defend your rights as a private property owner.

Please join me in supporting the RHAWA LDF by contributing your support today. Your contribution will directly fund our legal research and attorney costs, and as such, are deductible as a business expense.