Staying Informed Throughout Election Season

Posted By: Alex Robertson (deleted) Advocacy, 2022 Legislative Session,

As many of you are aware, the 2022 election is critical to the future of housing. Every House of Representative and half the Senate seats are up for grabs. Redistricting has changed the landscape of every district and we are seeing more swing districts than ever. For those reasons, it is paramount that all our members stay involved and keep informed of what is happening. To see our "Friends of RHAWA" endorsed candidates list go to This page will be updated throughout the summer as we move towards the general election. The candidates that appear on this list have been vetted and approved by our Political Action Committee (PAC). These candidates understand and support rental housing and housing providers in Washington.

Additionally, we will be holding fundraisers for many key candidates throughout the state. Make sure that you have updated your Member Compass to include your rental addresses to get invites to fundraisers in your districts.

If you are unable to attend fundraisers directly for candidates or would like to support additional candidates across the state, you can do so by donating to the RHAWA PAC here: RHAWA contributes to multiple key candidates that will fight during Legislative Session for you rights as a housing provider and property owner. Our success in this vital election year is dependent on your support. The RHAWA PAC is non-partisan and supports both sides of the aisle. We must be able to help lift up and educate moderate, data-observing lawmakers, and we can only do that with your donations.

But even through a tumultuous and action-packed election, current lawmakers in counties and cities are considering and passing new regulations. To stop these devastating proposals, we need you to reach out to your lawmakers and testify at these council meetings. You can keep an eye on our advocacy efforts by checking the blog here: Our Advocacy Center makes it easier then ever to send a message to your councilmembers. By visiting the Advocacy Center here: and clicking on any of the current campaigns, you can send a message to the committee or council in just a few clicks. We have seen incredible success in local jurisdictions and during the 2022 Legislative Session. This success is only possible because you take the time to reach out, your lawmakers need to hear from you.

If you, or someone you know is running for office, please reach out to Daniel Bannon at Mr.Bannon would love to have a chat and discuss an RHAWA endorsement. There are a number of ways you can join the advocacy efforts. Please reach out to Daniel Bannon to get involved.