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We launched our new podcast, Under One Roof in June and took the podcast to iTunes and Google play distribution in July. It is an exciting new media outlet that we have been finding all sorts of new ways to use to get interviews, information and exciting rental housing news out to your and the general public..

Podcasts themselves have an interesting history. When the iPod burst onto the scene in 2001, in addition to music, Apple allowed tracks of voice-only dialogue. Users could subscribe to a podcast (ipod=podcast) on iTunes and then when they synced their iPod the latest episode of the show they had subscribed too would download into the device. The process of accessing the shows was the biggest trouble in those early days. People had to plug in their device in order to get the latest content. Because of this, podcast shows abounded but a model to provide revenue for these new shows seemed to be out of reach.

Big media brands took on podcasting as a cool thing to do in addition to other efforts. But the reach was small and many of the early shows went under because they could not finance themselves. Other radio shows started posting segments of their broadcasts as podcasts. Podcasts had a lot of excitement around them as a way to save radio content but the idea fizzled at first.

 Then, the smartphone happened.

When the iPhone arrived on the scene, podcasts got their own app in the iOS system and the episodes could be downloaded right away over Wi-Fi or data. The smartphone relaunched the podcasting idea of providing radio like programs to every device in people’s pockets. Eventually Google added this capability into their Google play app and other services like Stitcher also spring up providing a way for people to find new shows to listen to.

Now, it seems like everyone has a podcast!

Under One Roof is a podcast from RHAWA and all about rental housing. Over the past few months, some of the most important things happening in the industry have been talking about on the podcast. We have had a variety of people on the show, including board members, staff, interesting community personalities and members. Additional great guests are lined up in the fall and we're excited to see the show grow in listenership. If you want an easy way to keep up with RHAWA and keep educating yourself about the rental housing industry, then tune in every Tuesday!

You can access Under One Roof with RHAWA on your podcasting app (Podcast for iOS and Google Play for Android). You can also listen on our website,

Want to catch up with Under One Roof? Check out these great past episodes:

Episode 1
Sean Martin and Chartrice Young join ed our first episode to talk about RHAWA's lawsuit against the City of Seattle regarding the cap on Move-in Fees and Chartrice helps us understand how to successfully screen tenants for open rentals.

Episode 2
We chatted with Executive Director, Melany Brown about the latest updates here at RHAWA and then spoke about our Summer Workshop and Tradeshow with Adam Purkey.

Episode 3
We spoke about our Summer Workshop and Tradeshow and discussed the latest rule in Seattle regarding voter registration paperwork.

Episode 4
RHAWA's Vice President and PAC chairman William Shadbolt talked about all things elections and politics. There is also a segment on the 2017 Buildium Renters Survey.

Episode 5
This episode featured information about RHAWA's Call to Action regarding criminal records in tenant screening, and Steve Weinman from Tacoma was on the show to talk about the south Puget Sound rental marketplace.

Episode 6
We chatted about our CONNECT member forum with Adam Purkey, and we talked about things going on around the association with Executive Director, Melany Brown.

Episode 7
Denise Myers joined the podcast to speak about RHAWA's new education program. We also got some helpful advice from Chartrice Young about how to screen students who may be applying for your unit next!

Episode 8
Ethan Blevins of Pacific Legal Foundation spoke in depth about the lawsuit filed against the city regarding the First in Time Ordinance. We also spoke with Sean Martin for a quick update on new criminals records legislation in Seattle.

Episode 9
We spoke with a member about inheriting the family business and what's its like to be a second generation landlord. We also talked with Sean Martin about Seattle's Fair Chance Housing Act and what you can do as a RHAWA member to help mitigate the things that are happening in Seattle.

Episode 10
Sharon Cunnington joined us to talk about her rental housing journey. She shared details about her transition from the tech industry to full-time real estate investor.

Episode 11
Brian Robinson, a RHAWA board member and local property owner, talked in depth about his work with Wellspring and Mary's Place to create common-sense housing solutions for people who need housing.

Episode 12
We checked in with Executive Director, Melany Brown about what is happening around RHAWA and we walked through the requirements of the new Fair Chance Housing Ordinance with Sean Martin.

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