Washington’s Landlord Mitigation Program

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Having a tenancy end badly is something no one wants to have in their rental business. However, it is a reality in the life of a rental property owner. The State of Washington recognizes this and in 2016, the legislature enacted a new law and provided funding for landlords to get compensation when a housing voucher tenant has damaged their property. This is a program that RHAWA helped get through the legislature and we are still helping landlords use the program to mitigate their losses.

Here are some basic facts about how the program works:

  • Landlords can get up to $5,000 in damages per tenancy
  • The tenant must have been using a HUD voucher (formerly known as section 8)
  • You must obtain a judgment against the tenant
  • The application must filed within 1 year of the judgment
  • The rental property must be in a jurisdiction where landlords cannot deny based on Source of Income

These include:

  • Bellevue
  • Kent
  • Kirkland
  • Olympia
  • Seattle
  • Redmond
  • Renton
  • Tumwater
  • Unincorporated King County
  • Vancouver

The program covers property damage, unpaid rent, and other damages. Their deposit must be deducted from any damages and solid record keeping of the damages and repair costs are key to getting remittance from the program.

If you are hesitant about having someone on a voucher in your rental, this fund is here to bring you some extra piece of mind. Even if the tenancy goes badly, you can still be covered by this program. You have to file a satisfaction of judgment within 30 days of receiving the funds.

To learn more, and how to apply and submit your application for mitigation , visit the program online.