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LINK Local - King County Briefing Room

LINK Local - King County Briefing Room

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM (PDT)

Online Only

496 Seats Remaining

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Small housing providers are struggling throughout Washington state. Each year onerous restrictions on rental housing drives small, affordable homes off the market.

RHAWA recognizes that it must draw on the power of our membership through grassroots advocacy. These efforts are about finding strength in numbers — and harnessing that strength to influence public opinion and government action.

LINK Local, RHAWA’s members-only grassroots initiative is a monthly meet-up for housing providers to influence policies at the local level and to bring about change at the local, regional, or state levels.

At this monthly meet up, you can:

  • engage with members and other industry professionals
  • discuss proposed rental legislation and policies
  • mobilize fellow housing providers to urge policymakers or other individuals with influence to take action

Join us in the Movement on June 23 starting at noon for a Special LINK Local Briefing Room

King County is seeking to require housing providers to continually renew leases indefinitely and ban the use of credit history in screening. Please join us on June 23 at noon in the LINK Local Briefing Room. Our lobbyists will be available an hour before the hearing to assist with public comment.

LINK Local is offered ONLINE only.

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