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OnDemand Course - Leasing + Tenant Notices WA State and Local Laws (2023-26) | CRE 3-hr Certificate

Leasing and Tenant Notices WA State and Local Laws 2023-26 (3 Clock Hours)

Completion of this course counts toward continuing education requirements for licensed Washington Real Estate Brokers. 

A review of leasing and tenant notice requirements, focusing on new state and local rental housing laws including: Understand the differences between fixed terms leases and periodic rental agreements; Review an example lease form and discuss the purpose, options, and any related local laws for each clause; Understanding laws and best practices for managing rents and other types of rental income; Notice requirements for increasing rent under state law and several local laws; Requirements for lease renewal and the interplay with rent increase notices; Notices and eviction procedures for rules violations; Notices and procedures for non-payment, including the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program; Other good causes to end tenancy and related procedures; Best practices when preparing for court, what to expect in court.

Instructor: Christopher Cutting, Attorney


Non-Member Price: $90
Member Price: $30

Available until 10/01/2026 at 12:00AM (PDT)