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Reference Library

RHAWA’s comprehensive list of resources expands your knowledge base to implement best practices.

What resources do you need to do your job better? The answer varies widely, depending on the challenge at hand. You may need an immediate, focused solution to a specific problem, and a sample document may be the answer. You may be looking for advice from your peers in the association community, and an online discussion group may provide helpful feedback. Or you may want a bigger-picture view of a persistent challenge, and an in-depth article by an expert may offer essential context. RHAWA’s comprehensive list of resources provides how-to guides, articles, and tools curated to help you expand your knowledge base to implement best practices.


RHAWA's reference library are divided into the following categories. References linked below are for general public use, but all available references are listed.


  • Tenant Screening Best Practices
  • Tenant Screening FAQs
  • TBD

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RHAWA resources are copyrighted. Unauthorized use, publication or distribution is strictly prohibited. Formal legal advice and review is recommended prior to selection and use of any provided resource. RHAWA does not represent your selection or execution of any resource as appropriate for your specific circumstances. Rental owners/managers and tenants are each advised to seek independent legal advice on matters arising from use of any resource. No representation is made as to the sufficiency or tax consequences from use of any resource.


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