HB 1300 Security Deposit Documentation

Posted By: Alex Robertson (deleted) 2022 Legislative Session,
Bill Summary
  • Requires housing providers to provide a written checklist to the tenant in order to collect a security deposit
  • Redefines the items on a written checklist to include wall paint and wallpaper, and excludes drapes.
  • Allows the tenant the right to request on free replacement copy of the checklist during tenancy
  • Requires the housing provider to provide documentation of estimates or invoices to repair damage, or the cost of materials and labor if the housing provider does the repairs themselves before retaining any portion of the security deposit.
  • Excludes several types of damage that a housing provider is allowed to deduct from a security deposit.
  • Excludes ‘wear from ordinary use of the premises’, defined as, “Deterioration from intended use, breakage or malfunction, excluding abuse, accident and negligence”.
  • Excludes carpet cleaning beyond ‘wear from ordinary use’
  • Excludes “excess cost” of repair and replacement of fixtures, appliances, and furnishings beyond ‘wear from ordinary use’, or costs of repair and replacement if their condition was not reasonably described in the written checklist.
  • Allows the tenant to request a walkthrough in which the tenant is present, between 14 and 30 days before the termination of a rental agreement, and requires the housing provider to schedule before the termination of the tenancy.
  • Requires the housing provider to prepare a written termination walkthrough checklist specifically describing the condition, cleanliness, and existing damage to the premises, fixtures, equipment, appliances, and furnishing. The checklist must be signed and dated by the parties with a copy provided to the tenant.
  • Excludes from damage that a housing provider is allowed to deduct from a security deposit.
  • Prevents costs for damages beyond wear from ordinary use from being charged to a tenant or used in any collection action or tenant screening report.
  • Prevents any action taken against a tenant to recover damage costs beyond the amount of the security deposit to be commenced within one year of the termination of the tenancy.
  • Exempts the regulations on withholding security deposit for purposes unrelated to damages to the property such as rent or other charges

Bill Schedule
  • Scheduled for a Public Hearing in the House Housing, Human Services & Veterans Committee on Thursday, January 13th at 1:30 pm


Thai, Chopp, Ramel, Simmons, Fitzgibbon, Peterson, Davis, Macri, Pollet, Slatter, Stonier, Taylor