HB 2023 Creating a New Cause of Action Against Housing Providers

Posted By: Alex Robertson (deleted) 2022 Legislative Session,
Bill Summary
  • Allows a tenant to sue the housing provider if they:
    • Violate any provision of RCW 59.18 or RCW 59.20
    • Engaged in "Unfair, deceptive or abusive practices"
    • Violate any provision in the lease.
  • A show cause hearing must be scheduled by the court within 14 days of filing
  • If issues of material fact are raised, the show cause will be pushed to trial.
  • Permits a court that rules in favor of the tenant to do any or all of the following:
    • Require remedy by the housing provider
    • Forgive or require a refund of the rent
    • Allow the tenant to remedy the issue and charge the housing provider
    • Terminate the tenancy and award the tenant damages
    • Reinstate a tenancy
  • Permits the court to appoint an administrator to oversee the case.
    • Requires the housing provider to pay the fees and costs of the administrator.
  • Repeals RCW 59.18.080 and RCW 59.20.240 requiring a tenant to be current on rent before taking action against a housing provider.

Bill Schedule
  • Hearing in the House Housing, Human Services and Veterans Committee on January 28th at 10:00 am


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