2022 Project Planning for Exterior Building Preservation

Posted By: Charity Lake Maintenance,

January has arrived, and it is a great time to schedule exterior building maintenance. Whether you have a small crack in your foundation or a building that needs a full restoration of exterior facade, planning a large building project takes time to put together for the best results. The steps in developing a project and executing it well often start with making initial contact with a contractor, architect, engineer, or other type of building representative.

Initial contact with one of these sources can help put you on the right path for project success. A contractor can identify the type of specialty contractors you may need and any additional professional services that may be required based on the type and scale of your project.

Initial site visits with the building owner or owner’s rep can help the contractor understand the scope for the project. This is a great time to ask questions and get them answered. Then they will give you a proposal and identify what is included for that phase of work.

Timing can greatly impact project phasing. If you have an idea of about how much something will cost, it can give time to obtain funding and budget for phasing.

Planning also can give you the option of phasing projects for different reasons, such as: permitting, weather, scaffold placements, machinery, swing staging, events, and tenant schedule. Contractor coordination for work can be greatly impacted by the type of tenants you have occupying your space. Mixed-use buildings require special consideration. A school, for example, can impact scheduling differently than a restaurant. Planning early in the year gives you the best chance of getting a good contractor before they are all filled up and you don’t have premium slots in scheduling.

Masonry Restoration Consulting has executed thousands of projects around Seattle and loves working in this community to give the best paths for owners to move forward their building projects. Masonry Restoration Consulting is now scheduling projects for spring/summer of 2022. Contact us at 425-344- 3893 or check out our website at www.masonryrestorationconsulting.com or email us at klake@masonryrc.com if you would like to discuss your project needs. Mention that you saw this article and you are a RHAWA member.