Issaquah City Council Passes Extended Rent Increase Notices

Posted By: Alex Robertson (deleted) Policy News,

Ordinance No. 2986, effective October 6, 2022 creates additional housing provider restrictions in the City of Issaquah, including: Extended Rent Increase Periods

This ordinance applies to all tenancies governed by RCW 59.18 (Residential Rentals) and RCW 59.20, (Manufactured Housing Communities).

Extended Rent Increase Periods

When raising rent at the beginning of a rental period or term lease renewal, landlords must give:

  • 120 days' written notice for rent increases greater than three percent (3%); or
  • As required under WA State law, 60 days' written notice for any rent increases 3% or less.

If the rental agreement governs subsidized housing where the amount of rent is based on the income of the tenant or circumstances specific to the subsidized household, the landlord shall provide a minimum of thirty (30) days' prior written notice of an increase in the amount of rent to each affected tenant.