Newcastle Does Not Pass ARCH Regulations and More

Posted By: Alex Robertson (deleted) Policy News,

In the Newcastle City Council meeting on September 20, 2022, following a long period of testimony and discussion, the City Council voted not to adopt the proposed Ordinance No. 2022-646. This is a huge victory for housing providers. The ARCH recommendations have been spreading between local cities. Being amended and added to, introducing even more confusion when the stated intent was consistency.

Thank you to the housing providers that wrote in and provided testimony. This would not have been possible without the dedicated advocacy of our members.

The ordinance would've done the following:

  • Rent Increase Notice. Requiring housing providers to provide a minimum of 120 days' written notice of rent increases greater than 3%, and 180 days' written notice for increases greater than 10%. Except in subsidized housing where rent is set based on the income of the tenant.
  • Limits on Late Fees. Establishing a cap on fees for late payment of rent at 1.5% of a tenant's monthly rent.
  • Limits on Move-In Fees. Establishing a cap on move-in fees and the security deposit of no more than one month's rent except in subsidized tenancies where rent is set based on the income of the tenant and allow tenants to pay in installments.
  • SSN Requirement Ban. Prohibits a housing provider from requiring a SSN for the purposes of screening an applicant.
  • Adjustable Rent Due Date. Requires housing providers to adjust the due date of rent, provided that the tenant submits a request in writing and can demonstrate that their primary income is government assistance that is not received until after the existing rent due date.

We will almost certainly see housing provider regulations come up again in Newcastle and many more cities across Washington. Check the blog and keep an eye out for our Calls to Action to stay informed on what's happening in your jurisdictions.