New Website Feature

Posted By: Jaci Willoughby (deleted) Announcements, Membership,

You may have noticed a new feature on our website the last time you logged in! We’ve introduced an accessibility feature for those members who may need assistance navigating our website. This inclusive practice ensures that there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, the information contained on our website by people with physical disabilities, situational disabilities or socio-economic restrictions.

Visitors to now have the option to choose accessibility features creating an online profile catered to their needs. Options include:

  • Seizure Safe Profile
  • Visually Impaired Profile
  • Cognitive Disability Profile
  • ADHD Friendly Profile
  • Blind Usuals Screen Reader
  • Keyboard Navigation

Users can also control the look of their screen using these features.

  • Select font size and type
  • Highlight titles and links
  • Magnify text
  • Adjust line heigh, spacing and alignment
  • Make adjustments to the color of the screen – dark, light of monochrome
  • Change the color of the text and background

You now have the ability to change the Orientation of your screen – mute all sounds, hide images, use a virtual keyboard, and so much more!

User settings are saved so that each time you visit the site you don't have to reset your preferred settings.

If you’d like to try out these new accessibility features, simply click on the icon in the lower left-hand portion of your screen to open up your choices.