Next Brick Property Management Refines the Property Management Experience

Posted By: Seemant Nakra

Next Brick Property Management, a rental property management company based in Seattle, aligns their interests with those of the property owners, offering rental income protection, eviction protection, property damage protection, and funds for emergency repairs. Next Brick cares about customer needs, which is why calls to the company are taken by real humans instead of answering machines. And there are never any hidden fees or added on costs.


Bellevue, WA, April 27, 2020 - While real estate investing can bring tremendous financial benefits, the actual demands of being a landlord and managing tenants can be a big challenge, filled with lots of tedious jobs like fixing toilets, tracking rent, and spending enormous amounts of time responding to residents.

Like many investors, you may have tried to rely on local property managers for help, but rather than being helped, you found yourself in the position of trying to manage the manager, while at the same time being charged premiums for management fees, routine inspection fees, maintenance markups, account setup fees, and cancellation fees, among other things. It's difficult to get any sort of value for money in situations like this.

Next Brick Property Management was founded by real estate investors who grew tired of not getting their phone calls answered, and not having their concerns heard. So they decided to assume the challenge of the personal property manager themselves, in the process of refining the process of local property management service.

Next Brick Property Management offers simplified property management with simple pricing, outstanding responsiveness, and without any hidden fees, markups, or lock-in contracts.

Next Brick Property Management is Seattle’s best, most efficient local full-service property management company. Because their core business is property management, their time and resources are solely focused on delivering a trusted, convenient, efficient rental management experience to both property owners and residents.

Next Brick Property Management strives to put the highest quality, long term residents in your rental property, and they work hard to keep them there. They perform regular and thorough walk through inspections in order to identify and deal with any potential maintenance issues, keeping a close eye on your investment. And they only work with highly-rated local vendors, such as plumbers and electricians, to keep your property in excellent condition. They also supervise the work with no added markups.

But what really sets Next Brick Property Management apart is their range of property owner protection plans. These include rental income protection, which protects property owners against nonpayment of rent by one of their tenants, property damage protection, which protect property owners and their possessions from damage caused by residents, resident eviction protection, which protects the owner from having to directly pay legal expenses and court fees related to an eviction, and a special reserve fund, which is a line of credit available to help with emergency repairs.

With a business model built on integrity, service, and commitment, as well as its emphasis on owner protection, Next Brick Property Management is the one Seattle property management company you need to know.

About the company: Next Brick Property Management was conceptualized to deliver a trusted, modern rental management experience to our property owners and residents.