RAISE YOUR VOICE: Visit PAH to learn more about the problems created by rent control

Posted By: Melissa Canfield Advocacy, Announcements,

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from the Partnership for Affordable Housing (PAH), but rest assured, the PAH team has been hard at work fighting against Rent Control legislation in Olympia.

As a member of RHAWA, we strongly encourage you and any rental property owners you know to check out and support the Partnership for Affordable Housing Coalition, our partner organization on the front lines of the Rent Control fight. RHAWA is a founding member of the PAH Coalition that is taking a proactive approach to address housing affordability in Washington state and is reaching out today to enlist your help and support in spreading the message that Rent Control is NOT the answer to Washington’s housing availability crisis.

Here are a few quick and easy ways you can help:

  1. Send an Action Alert to fellow rental property owners so they can learn more about PAHs efforts
  2. Encourage them to sign up to stay in the loop about developments in the Rent Control fight, and receive alerts when it’s time to contact elected officials on our easy to use platform
  3. Brush up on PAH and our work to bring affordable housing to Washington
Please take time – TODAY – to activate your employees about how we must address the urgent need for affordable housing in our state. Rent Control only makes housing more expensive.

Thank you for being an important part of Partnership for Affordable Housing! With your help, we can help solve and provide more effective solutions to Washington’s affordable housing crisis. When we come together and act, we will make huge changes!

Thank you!

Our Principles

The Partnership for Affordable Housing is focused on the following principles:

  • Support the creation of all types of housing that meets the needs of every Washington resident
  • Enact new policies that help residents to stay in quality, affordable housing for the near and the long term
  • Give local communities more tools to keep housing affordable

The State of Play in Olympia

  • As you are probably aware, there are several Rent Control measures working their way through the legislative process in Olympia and serious effort is being made to impose Rent Control to address Washington’s affordable housing crisis.
  • We all know Rent Control has not worked anywhere it has been tried. In fact, it’s only led to worsening housing availability and sky-rocketing rents (think New York City and San Francisco). 
  • Additionally, places like St. Paul had Rent Control enacted by voters and immediately saw an exodus of developers who had been looking to create more housing.

More housing for all is the answer to Washington’s availability crisis, not Rent Control.