RECAP - Spring Workshop + Tradeshow 2024

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The Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHAWA) is proud to announce that the 2024 Spring Workshop and Tradeshow was a tremendous success! On May 23, approximately 150 members gathered at Cedarbrook Lodge to garner industry insights and take advantage of an invaluable opportunity to become more confident and fortified business owners. 

Four classrooms ran concurrently for three sessions, and the day buzzed with an exciting exchange of information. 

A big shoutout to all attendees and to our sponsors, whose support was vital in making the event possible. We absolutely could not have done it without you! 

This year’s event featured a raffle in which our generous sponsors offered varying services, discounts, and goodies. Raffle proceeds benefited RHAWA’s Legal Defense Fund, for which we raised over $700!


Image: Kathryn Shabalov at the McPherson’s Booth where a beautiful basket of wine and gourmet snacks was offered for the fundraiser raffle.

The morning commenced with a bounty of pastries, fruit, and other breakfast delights in a stunning buffet. Members enjoyed their refreshments while mingling with an array of sponsors before sessions began. American Family Insurance was back again with miniature Pac Man while the lawyers at Dimension Law celebrated with mimosas!  

Sessions started strong with a legislative update presentation by Sean Flynn, Executive Director, and Board President of RHAWA. This was followed by a panel discussion where Sean was joined by other expert housing industry attorneys Chris Benis, Christopher Cutting, and Kaitlyn Jackson, delving into the current state of rental affairs. From there, attendees made their way to their first classes: “Secure Your Security Deposits” presented by Chris Benis, “Rule Your Repair Requests” by Enrique Jevons, “Run It Like a Real Business” by Julie Martiniello and our newest addition, RHAWA Jeopardy, hosted by Sharon Cunnington, Constance Nelson, and Daniel Bannon. 

Following the first session, members reconvened in the exhibition hall to further engage with sponsors, purchase raffle tickets, and make their way to a beautifully catered lunch in Cedarbrook Lodge’s Tamarak Hall.

Image: Billy Harrell from Central Paving starting his son early in the family paving business.

Lunch proved to be its own productive session, as our members seized the opportunity to network and exchange ideas. After lunch, attendees made their way to the second round of classes, which included “Unravel Rent Increase Laws” by Christopher Cutting, “Make Unit Turns Worthwhile” by Kathryn Shabalov, “Moving Up to Multifamily” by Candice Chevallier and Robert Meunier, and another riveting round of RHAWA Jeopardy. 

The final classes of the day were “Today’s Eviction Process” by Travis Scott Eller, “Ghosted by Your Tenant” by Timothy Schondelmayer, “Interest Rates & the 2024 Economy” by Eric Aasness and a final round of RHAWAJeopardy. 

 Sharon Cunnington, Daniel Bannon, and Constance Nelson host the interactive educational game. 
(Named left to right)

Participants left equipped with valuable knowledge for navigating their rental businesses in Washington state. Overall, the day was as fun as it was productive, and we cannot wait to bolster next year’s Spring Workshop and Tradeshow with all the useful takeaways from this year’s event. To get a sneak peek of the excitement and valuable learning experiences watch the highlight video of the event on the RHAWA's YouTube Channel. 
We extend our sincerest gratitude to all members, donors, and supporters of the RHAWA. We hope to see you again this fall, on October 8 at ENGAGE, a special event designed to encourage new investment, promote rental housing advocacy and expand independently owned and operated rental housing in Washington cities where housing is most needed.