The RHAC Returns for the 2022 Legislative Session

Posted By: Alex Robertson (deleted) Advocacy, 2022 Legislative Session, RHA Coalition,

This year, for the 2021 Legislative Session, RHA organized the Rental Housing Coalition: a partnership of housing providers, associations, and industry professionals. Now rebranding as the Rental Housing Association Coalition, we are back stronger than ever. With six associations joining the RHAC, our grassroots advocacy for the 2022 Legislative Session will be even more robust and effective.

The 2022 Legislative Session is a short session, lasting only 60 days. As such, we will have to work fast to make sure that anti-housing provider legislation is not rushed through the process. To make this possible we will have a Legislative Session Kick Off event on January 5th at 6pm. At this event you can talk with staff, lobbyists, and key lawmakers to discuss current proposals and provide testimony. Throughout the session we will have our 2022 Legislative Session Briefing room. We will have staff and lobbyists available every Monday morning at 10 am to discuss the upcoming hearings. We will also meet prior to hearings to help prepare your testimony and help you get signed in to testify.

RHA members are already signed up for the RHAC by the association. Please register for the Legislative Kick Off event and the 2022 Legislative Session Briefing Room on the events page: The last few years we have seen more and more anti-housing provider policies and we will need your help if we are going to defend housing provider’s rights again this year.