RHAWA Education Spotlight

Posted By: Jaci Willoughby (deleted) Education,

One of the main benefits of being a part of any trade association is the opportunity to be connected with, and learn from, knowledgeable members of the industry to increase your understanding of the business. This is especially important in rental housing, where the regulations can vary greatly from city to city and can also change several times in the span of a single year! RHAWA has developed one of the most robust and comprehensive education programs available to Washington landlords to help our members stay up to date and make the most of their rental properties.

Have you taken a class from the Rental Housing AcademyTM? There are new classes and workshops to explore each month which can be seen via the Education Calendar on the RHAWA site, and we’ve built up a sizeable library of past classes that can be viewed by subscribing on a monthly or annual basis. Our live classes and workshops are typically also accessible via webinar to make it easy for you to get the info you need on your terms. Whether you prefer the interaction of attending live or the convenience of viewing a class on demand, exploring the education section of the website to find what will benefit you the most is a worthwhile use of your time.

While there, be sure to visit the OnDemand portion of the site. A comprehensive 4-hour housing provider workshop is included in membership, and you can subscribe to access an additional 100+ hours of video instruction from a wide variety of past classes and workshops that you can view whenever and wherever you want. There are a ton of options to increase your legal knowledge as well as create an in-depth financial plan that will help you realize a lot more profit from your rental properties than you might otherwise see. There are also classes devoted to the day-to-day operations of running your property, including tenant relations, maintenance fundamentals, and how to use and deliver forms properly.

Unlike other real estate courses, all of the content delivered in the Rental Housing AcademyTM have been developed in conjunction with our instructors to focus on the needs of independent housing providers. Whether its additional time spent on specific portions of a law, advice more directly applicable to self-managing landlords, or financial planning geared towards leveraging a smaller rental portfolio, everything is developed with our membership in mind.  What this means to you is that each class will devote more time to information you can immediately apply to your situation and less time covering broad topics of the real estate world in general.

As new laws come into play, technology changes the way landlords need to do business, and norms in the Washington rental market evolve we introduce new classes and workshops and revise existing content to keep pace with the industry at large. We’re always on the hunt for what’s coming next, and if you think there is a topic you or someone you know could provide some insight on, please reach out to us! Many of our existing classes were born of member input about a challenge they were facing or something they wanted to know more about. With a community as large and diverse as our membership is, there are sure to be others facing a similar situation that could benefit from additional analysis.

For those that want to really embrace the “back to school” attitude, we would highly recommend considering the Annual Class Pass. Good for one calendar year from date of purchase, the Class Pass allows you to attend any class or workshop free of charge for the duration of the pass. If it is difficult for you to attend live sessions, we recommend subscribing to the On Demand Library instead.

All of the items discussed in this article can be accessed via the Education drop down menu on the RHAWA website. The calendar can also tell you when the next LINK meeting in your area is taking place, as well as any upcoming special events we have on deck.  Look for the 2022 Event Calendar sneak preview in this issue of Current.