Tacoma Measure 1 Grassroots Effort

This ballot measure is Measure 1 penned as a “Tenant Bill of Rights”. This initiative is sponsored by Tacoma For All, an organization endorsed by the Democratic Socialist Party, and will further restrict rental housing provider and property holder rights. 

RHAWA is here to fight against these types of measures. RHAWA not only provides the essential tools that help you manage your property, but aggressively advocates on your behalf in Tacoma and other Washington and cities and counties. 

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What's Wrong with Measure 1?

When the city of Seattle began to implement the very same laws being proposed by ballot Measure 1, they saw a 22% reduction in the number of single-family housing units available for rent in just 3-years, according to the city’s own housing data. Many small housing providers, fed up with increasing regulations, simply decided to sell their rental units at the height of the housing market and seek other investment opportunities outside of the city. Once these rental units leave the market they don’t come back and with fewer affordable single-family rental housing units available, rents will increase due to law of supply and demand.
Maintaining a secure environment is crucial for tenants and is a paramount goal of housing providers and the proposed restrictions placed on them by the ballot measure will directly impact their ability to do that. If a building has a tenant with extremely disruptive behavior who has become a menace to other residents, this measure will make it nearly impossible for them to end their tenancy placing all the other tenants in an unsafe and uncomfortable situation.
With limitations and restrictions on rental income it will become increasingly challenging for small housing providers to cover the cost of necessary maintenance and repairs promptly. This will result in the deterioration of the quality of Tacoma’s rental housing stock and directly impact the quality of life of tenants.

If Measure 1 Becomes Law...

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Get Involved - Volunteer Action Plan!

RHAWA is organizing a series of grassroots campaign activities to oppose Tacoma Measure 1. Join our volunteer efforts! Take an active role, contact Daniel Bannon, Grassroots Organizer.

Voter Action Plan Activities
  1. Doorbelling Action Weekends - Volunteers will visit targeted voters’ homes to distribute literature and talk with voters directly encouraging them to vote NO on Tacoma Measure 1. Volunteers will be given lists of targeted voters and campaign literature which can be distributed as part of our regularly scheduled Action Weekends or at the convenience of the Action Plan Volunteer. Training will be provided either live during the Action Weekend or through video and online meetings.
  2. Speakers Bureau Program - The Speakers Bureau Program identifies speaking opportunities and provides training and materials for our volunteers to present our message to various groups across the city of Tacoma. Sign up to be a part of the Speakers Bureau Program and we will reach out to you with details, materials, and training.
  3. Visibility & Rah-Rah Squad - Be a part of the crew that hits the streets, community events and any other civic gathering where you can wave a NO on MEASURE 1 sign, hand out campaign literature and talk to voters! This is a fun and engaging volunteer activity and that can be done with friends and co-workers. Sign up today and we will get you signs and literature and ideas of where to go!
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Additional Ways to Protect Tacoma's
Residents & rental Housing Supply

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