RHAWA Makes Primary Candidate Endorsements in 2017 Local Elections

Posted By: Sean Martin (deleted) Advocacy , Announcements ,
This week, local elections have been in focus here at RHAWA. Our list of endorsed candidates for the primaries are now out and listed below. RHAWA interviews candidates first with a survey and then in person to determine if they recognize rental housing as a valuable asset to the community. RHAWA also looks for  their commitment to allowing rental housing to function as a market-based industry, and for their willingness to work with the rental housing industry toward the common goal of providing safe and healthy housing.


Washington State Senate
Jinyoung Englund - 45th District

No endorsements for Primary. We will be endorsing for the general election.

Conrad Lee - Council #2
Jared Nieuwenhuis - Council #4
Janice Zahn - Council #​5

Scott Murphy - Council #3

Kevin Grossman - Council #4