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Over the past year, the rental housing industry has aggressively shared housing provider stories and perspective, and has begun to shift the narrative to drive more balanced media coverage.

Recent Coverage

National eviction moratorium expires but help is still available for tenants in Washington (KOMO News 8/1/2021)

Fears after eviction ban expires (Q13 Fox News 8/1/2021)

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is extending the city’s COVID-19 eviction moratorium through September (Seattle Times 6/18/21)

Eviction moratorium extended until September 30 (KOMO News 6/18/21)

Relief slow to reach King County renters as evictions set to resume (Crosscut 6/16/21

The unintended consequences of rent controls and eviction moratoriums (Seattle Time Opinion 6/7/21)

Property Tax interview (KIRO Radio 4/21)

Keep Washington's Mom-and-Pop Landlords in Business (Seattle Times Editorial Board 3/29/21)

Looming debt crisis for renters & landlords on City Inside/Out (Seattle Channel 3/17/2021)

Washington Lawmakers Look for Ways to Exit the Eviction Moratorium - and Prevent the Fallout (The Chronicle 1/31/21)

"Chilling effect": Eviction moratorium strains small landlords (Lens 11/8/20)

Washington eviction moratorium extended through Dec. 31 (King 5 10/8/20)

Looming 'tsunami' in housing crisis already altering Seattle communities (KOMO News 9/3/20)

Mayor extends Seattle's eviction moratorium through December (Seattle Times 8/14/20)

Some Washingtonians concerned as end of state eviction moratorium draws near (King 5 7/9/20)

Washington state housing group hopes to help struggling landlords during the pandemic (King 5 7/2/20)

Coronavirus has cost more than 100,000 people around Seattle their jobs. So why aren't rents going down? (Seattle Times 4/15/20)

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